Routine Dental Care

A dentist talking to a patient.

A dental checkup is an essential part of maintaining proper oral hygiene, which is an important factor in your overall health. A dental visit consists of two parts: an examination from your dentist, and a professional cleaning.  Your dentist will perform a comprehensive examination of the oral cavity, first looking at all of the soft […]

Why Do Root Canal Treated Teeth Break

A diagram of a root canal.

Root canal treatment is often the choice whenever a tooth causes serious pain to an individual. The tooth may hurt for one of many different reasons. 1. There is very deep, extensive tooth decay that has affected the nerve. 2. There is a very large, extensive filling in that tooth (that may have been there […]

I don’t have any pain, how can I have a problem?

Two people sitting on a park bench.

When we injure ourselves, practically anywhere on our bodies, we usually experience pain instantly. Whether it is a paper-cut, or a splinter, or a speck in the eye, or a stubbed-toe. There is pain, it is immediate, and it compels us to do something. Teeth don’t always give an immediate signal that something is wrong; […]

Why Should Anyone Visit A Dentist?

A dentist talking to a child.

When people play sports, or work around the house, or do practically anything else, and they injure themselves, most of the time they know about it right away, because something hurts. If we even just scrape our shinbone against a coffee-table, it will hurt us even before we see any evidence of the injury. That’s […]

Dental Implants In Contemporary Restorative Dentistry

A diagram of implants.

It is a well-established principle of Dentistry, that unless there is no other option, teeth should not be extracted. But, except for teeth removed for orthodontic reasons, if a tooth needs to be extracted, it should be replaced – one way or another – as soon as possible. Also, most of the time, missing teeth […]

Supporting Matthews House

Matthews House holds a special place in our heart and we are proud to support such a wonderful place! Matthews House 12th Annual Hike for Hospice was a great success! $85,0000 was raised to provide compassionate hospice care to those in need and their families!

Masking continues at Main Street Family Dental

To our wonderful clients-we would like to start by thanking you for your ongoing support and cooperation as we continue to navigate COVID At this time, we continue to require all of our clients to wear a mask in our office. This follows the current guidelines set out by the government stating that masking is to […]

Happy Dental Assistant Appreciation Week

Happy Dental Assistant Appreciation Week to our wonderful team of assistants! Andrea, Kori, Rachel and Amanda! Thank you for playing such a crucial role in keeping our clients healthy and safe!